The 2022 Vegetable Garden Plan – How To Create An Easy Care Garden!

It is hard to believe, but the new year is already here, and that means it is time to start create our 2022 Vegetable Garden plan for the farm.

This year, since we have now moved to the new farm, we are starting with a completely blank slate. Something that is both extremely exciting, and a bit daunting as well. After all, we absolutely loved our No-Till Raised Row garden at our old place.

Not only was it easy to maintain and care for, it was also extremely productive. And after 11+ seasons of building the soil organically with cover crops, compost and a simple no-till method, the soil in the garden was easier than ever to work and maintain.

But with all of that said, we love a good new challenge. And creating an entirely new garden and garden plan from scratch is honestly something we have been looking forward to ever since we decided to move to the new farm.

Here is a look at the new garden set-up, and our garden plan for 2022. We have included both the plan and the varieties we grow near the end of the article.

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