Fertilizers for Vegetable Garden – A Complete Guide

We all are aware of the famous saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so we make sure to take 3 meals a day with a proper balanced diet. 

The large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules by our digestive tract and help in the growth and maintenance of our body parts. Basically, the food we eat breaks down into basic building blocks.

Similarly the same process occurs in plants as well. The plants that we grow in the backyard are living things like us and hence need proper nutrition, sunlight, water, air on Earth to survive and grow.

A healthy plant can only be grown in a healthy soil. The only difference between plants and animals is that they lack a digestive system so they need to start with smaller molecules.

Plants absorb light from the Sun, moisture from rainfall, and nutrition from the soil, but it’s not possible for the soil to have all the essential nutrients required by the specific plant. Hence, it is important to feed your plants with the right amount of nutrients and at the right time for their proper growth and development. So it is essential to have a proper idea on fertilizers for vegetables

Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are mostly required by the vegetable garden, but again only this is not enough to get a healthy vegetable garden, obviously, there are more nutrients that have specific functions in plant growth.

So, let’s learn in detail about fertilizer in order to get a clear idea of keeping our vegetable garden healthy and sustainable


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